Expat Medical Plans

Expatriate Medical Insurance Plan Coverages and BenefitsExpatriate Health Insurance Plan Overview

Expatriates are a unique group of customers and need a unique expatriate medical insurance plan to meet their specific needs. We are happy to provide more than twenty variations from for of the top insurance companies offering international health insurance for global citizens throughout the world.

Medical Benefits in an Expat Plan

  • Maximum Coverage (Per Year or Per Lifetime of the Plan
  • Wellness and Basic Medical Benefits
  • Inpatient and Day Care Cover
  • Emergency Treatment and Evacuation
  • Includes Cancer Treatment, Oncology, MRI and CTI
  • Prescription Benefits

Out Patient Services

  • Outpatient care and treatment
  • Outpatient pathology, x-rays, prescribed drugs and dressings
  • The ability to access our direct settlement network globally
  • Optional cover available within the United States
  • Increased range of excess levels available

Optional Additional Coverage

  • Evacuation, Repatriation,
  • Maternity benefits, which include pre and post natal check ups
  • Dental benefits, which include routine checkups, cleaning and simple non-surgical extractions
  • The ability to access our direct settlement network globally
  • Optional cover available within the United States
  • Mental health Services
  • International Mobile App for Services on Demand

Exclusions in Expatriate Medical Plans

As with all plans we offer, it is strongly advised that you review the details of the plan before purchasing it. You should be able to review the policy certificate or plan rules before making the final decision. These documents will detail everything that is covered and, just as importantly, what is excluded.

Although many plans don’t specifically list pre-existing conditions as an exclusion, certain conditions may be excluded from the plan during the underwriting process.

Additional Features to Look for in an Expat Plan

You want a plan from a global provider with a large network of international hospitals and health care facilities within it’s network of service providers. For example, Cigna Global Medical Plan has over 1 million hospitals, doctors and health care facilities within its global network.

Make sure the provide offers 24/7 access to an emergency hotline that you can call for emergency assistance and medical advice. All of the leading expatriate plans will have this.

Finally, look for a plan that offers choice. You should be able to purchase a plan that meets your needs. If you don’t think you will use your plan frequently and don’t need many services, you should purchase a lower cost plan with limited benefits. Other customers want the highest quality in service and benefits and are willing to pay for that. Choose a plan that allows you to get the benefits and options that are the right mix for your specific needs.

We have a great tool to review and compare the best international medical plans. Otherwise, contact us and we can help you through the process.

Our recommended Expat Medical Plans:
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