Missionary Group Insurance

Travel medical insurance for missionariesAs an organizer of a missionary group traveling overseas, you will definitely have your hands full. Your goal should be to ensure your travelers have the best and safest service trip abroad as possible. The key to doing this is by purchasing the most appropriate travel insurance policy for your missionary group.

Why is International Insurance Necessary for My Missionary Group

As an organizer, it is a fact that you have a responsibility for making sure the group stays safe and aware about dangers abroad. Many times missionary groups set out to remote or high-risk areas in order to help certain groups of people. The conditions may be rough, dangerous, or unpredictable. In order for missionary groups to stay secure, it is important they have the correct coverage in the event unexpected weather, accidents, injuries, or trip cancellations occur.

What Type of Insurance Coverage Do Service Groups Need

Depending on if your group will just be participating in one service or volunteer trip or several throughout the year, a single-trip travel insurance plan may be sufficient. If multiple trips are on the agenda, you may need to opt for an annual coverage plan.

You will want to make sure travel insurance for your group includes:

Medical expenses This coverage gives you the funds and information needed to obtain medical treatment at a local medical center.

Evacuation coverage This coverage organizes and provides funds for medically obligatory evacuations.

Trip cancellation or interruption This will cover non refundable trip expenses if the trip is cancelled for a covered reason. It also provides the money to book a plane ticket back home and/or return to the service work after any risk or event has passed.

Baggage This will provide reimbursement for stolen or destroyed luggage as well as give your group money to buy necessary items until their bags can be found and returned to them.

Repatriation Coverage If a member of the group passes away while on their missionary trip, this coverage ensures that funds will be provided and family members will not have to go through the government and transportation systems to bring remains home for burial.

How Should I Go About Buying Health and Travel for your Insurance Missionary Group

Timing is important because some benefits are only applicable if the travel insurance is purchased within a certain amount of days after payment for the trip begins. Therefore, purchasing travel insurance for your missionary group right away is key. Additionally, we recommend not buying a policy strictly based on price. It is crucial to compare plans side-by-side and take advantage of the “free look period with refund”, which many companies offer. Keeping your group informed and up to date on all fronts will be the best way to make sure you are not liable for unexpected events. Volunteer, service and non-profit groups provide support and needs to many countries around the world, we should treat their safety with the utmost care.

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