Annual Multi-Trip Plans

Annual Travel (or Multi-Trip) Insurance is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to travel away from home multiple times in one year. It covers a whole year of trips, whether for business or pleasure, up to a maximum trip duration, and these comprehensive policies offer a complete package of benefits.

Why Choose Annual Travel Medical Insurance?

If you don’t travel much in a year then single trip insurance is usually the most cost effective form of travel insurance for you; you pay just for the number of days you need. In contrast an annual travel policy covers you for multiple trips but you don’t have to travel four or five times in a year to make the purchase of an annual policy worthwhile. Even if you plan on traveling just a couple of times in a year an annual policy could already save you money on the cost of buying two separate single trip plans, especially if you’re traveling with a spouse or children.

Of course, annual travel insurance really pays for itself if you’re taking multiple trips within a year. With just one application and one payment you are set for a year of short trips, and can leave at a moment’s notice without having to worry about arranging travel insurance because it is already in place.

If you need to travel often to visit a friend or relative; you’re heading overseas for frequent business travel; or you simply enjoy traveling for pleasure then this is the ideal travel insurance for you.

Our recommended Multi-Trip Plans:
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What Does Annual Travel Health Insurance Cover?

A great benefit of annual travel insurance is that it’s cost effective for your family too. Spouses and/or children can also be covered under one comprehensive policy so you don’t need to buy an individual plan for everyone who is traveling. And not everyone named on the policy has to travel every time, as long as the main policyholder is traveling.

You also have the option of choosing your maximum trip duration. This is the maximum number of days you will be covered for each trip you take, and with coverage for up to 30 days or 45 days you won’t have to worry about rushing home.

Why Buy Annual Travel Insurance Plans

Annual travel insurance policies are designed for frequent travelers who travel internationally so these are usually very comprehensive plans. The plans are designed to provide extended cover over and above what a basic trip insurance policy would cover you for. Medical expenses and benefits are increased, and you can add trip cancellation and trip interruption to the policy too, as well as lost baggage and travel delay.

Choosing a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan

On we offer a range of travel insurance plans including single trip for short length trips; travel medical insurance with its more comprehensive medical coverage and longer trip durations; and global medical insurance which is designed for citizens who are residing abroad for an extended period of time. Our annual travel insurance policies are ideal for frequent travelers who want to stay away from home for shorter periods, and offer exceptional value for money considering the level of coverage they provide.