International Insurance Companies

Companies Offering International Insurance

We are proud to offer a comprehensive listing and comparison of the leading international insurance companies offering the highest quality products and services to our customers.  Please review detailed information on each company and the specific products they offer.

Below is a list of companies we currently partner with.  Click on any of the company names and you will find details on their services and products.  We provide further details on each product in the “Plans” section of our website.

Global Insurance Providers

Choosing an international insurance plan is an important decision whether you are moving abroad for the rest of your life or simply leaving the country for an extended trip abroad; It all starts with identifying the best international health and travel insurance providers. We have done the hard work and reviewed a number of companies. Only the top providers are listed below. We chose the companies in our list based on their AM Best ratings, customer service history and product offerings.

  • Seven Corners

    Since 1993, Seven Corners has been one of the most experienced international travel health insurance, trip insurance companies.
  • HCC Insurance

    A plan from HCC Medical Insurance Services is with you as you travel for vacation, studying abroad, corporate travel, mission trips or extre …
  • Cigna

    Cigna combines years of experience in private medical insurance with an understanding of the international markets offering a premier plan.
  • IMG Global

    What sets IMG apart from other companies in the travel insurance market is our unique combination of product and service offerings.
  • GeoBlue

    GeoBlue is a trade name of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Insurance Companies vs. Brokers

Our company, International Health Insurance Group, works as a broker. Brokers work with multiple major international companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), or carriers and can help guide you through the process of researching, applying for, and purchasing a plan. The plans cost the same if you buy through us or direct with the carrier. There are no added costs for using a broker. You will get someone who knows multiple plans and can be an advocate for you during the application process and beyond. We are here to help.

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Best International Companies…

According to AMBest:

The top 10 global insurance companies ranked by non-banking assets are:

1. AXA S.A., France
2. Allianz SE, Germany
3. MetLife Inc., United States
4. Prudential Financial Inc., United States
5. Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd., Japan
6. Legal & General Group plc, United Kingdom
7. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., Italy
8. Prudential plc, United Kingdom
9. Berkshire Hathaway Inc., United States
10. Nippon Life Insurance Company, Japan

The top 10 international insurers ranked by NPW are:

1. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, United States
2. AXA S.A., France
3. Allianz SE, Germany
4. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., Italy
5. Anthem, Inc., United States
6. China Life Insurance (Group) Company, China
7. State Farm Group, United States
8. Kaiser Foundation Group of Health Plans, United States
9. Munich Reinsurance Company, Germany
10. Aetna, Inc., United States
Source: AMBest

Also, Top 10 International Health and Life Insurance Companies By Direct Premiums Written ($000) (Source:

Rank Group/company Direct premiums (1) Share (2)
1 MetLife Inc. $102,487,074 16.4%
2 Prudential Financial Inc. 43,134,670 6.9
3 New York Life Insurance Group 29,647,519 4.8
4 Jackson National Life Group 27,457,195 4.4
5 AEGON 24,983,201 4.0
6 American International Group (AIG) 24,976,781 4.0
7 Principal Financial Group Inc. 23,416,059 3.8
8 Mass Mutual Life Insurance Co. 23,117,904 3.7
9 Lincoln National Corp. 22,676,916 3.6
10 AXA 19,478,236 3.1

(1) Includes life insurance, annuity considerations, deposit-type contract funds and other considerations; excludes accident and health insurance. Before reinsurance transactions.
(2) Based on U.S. total, includes territories.