Emergency Evacuation

International Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergency Travel Medical Evacuation plans are designed to fill the gaps in international medical insurance plans (assuming it is not included in your existing plan) by providing coverage for emergency medical evacuation.  Alternatively, your plan may have minimal coverage for evacuation and you want to have a more comprehensive plan while abroad.

Do I need International Emergency Evacuation Coverage

The Center for Disease Control recommends it:  “Domestic insurance policies may not cover medical evacuation from a resource-poor area to a hospital where definitive care can be obtained, which can cost more than $100,000.”

Fortunately, most people will never use the plan. But for those who do, the benefits far outweigh the costs and risk associated with not having a good plan. If you buy a high quality travel medical plan, evacuation is typically included.

Why Purchase Emergency Evacuation Services

What would you do if you or a member of your group needed to be evacuated to a qualified medical facility while traveling internationally? How would you deal with the language and currency barriers? Who do you call? Imagine trying to call your insurance company or plan administrator at 3:00 a.m. from a foreign country during a medical emergency. Will they be there when you need them the most?  MedJet developed an evacuation plan to provide you and your family Coverage Without Boundaries.

A typical plan may include all or some of the following:

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Features: Emergency Evacuation to the Hospital of Your Choice
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We arrange transfer regardless of medical necessity, regardless of cost and with no restrictions on the amount or type of travel you take.”

Plans can be designed for individuals and groups of two or more international travelers, vacationers, individuals and families living or working abroad.

If you want more comprehensive international medical coverage while traveling; Review our Travel Medical Plans.  Travel Medical Plans include emergency evacuation but also cover medical expenses, provide assistance services and include some trip insurance benefits (like coverage for lost luggage).

MedJet International Emergency Evacuation Plan
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