Short Term Global Medical Insurance

Short Term Travel Medical PlansShort Term Insurance for Holidays or Vacation Abroad

You’ve worked hard. You’ve researched and planned. Your bags are packed and your passport is in your hand. It is finally time for your international vacation! International travel can be exhilarating! From the beginning stages when you are deciding where to travel and then actually making travel arrangement to finally arriving at your destination, the experience can be highly satisfying. One thing you can’t plan for is illness or accidents – both of which can result in overwhelming medical bills when you are traveling internationally. There are many short-term international travel medical insurance plans that can help protect you from the high cost of medical care, help you access high quality medical services and ease some of the stress of dealing with unfamiliar medical systems. Short-term international health insurance provides medical benefits for those who are traveling outside of their home country or country of permanent residence.

It can be overwhelming to choose between the trip insurance and travel medical insurance policies that are available. There are many insurance providers all offering a wide range of products at a variety of price points.

Holiday insurance gives you peace of mind prior to your trip, during your trip, and on your way home. Visitor Insurance is a great option for travelers from abroad visiting you in your home country.

International Travel Medical Insurance Versus Trip Insurance

Typically, trip insurance covers details such as trip cancellation, trip protection and some limited emergency medical coverage. These plans are usually available for one to 62 days.

Travel medical insurance focuses primarily on providing comprehensive emergency medical insurance during your travels. Travel medical insurance plans can often be purchased for time periods of between five days and one year, sometime renewable for up to 3 years.

Who Needs Travel Medical Insurance?

The short answer is everyone traveling internationally needs travel medical insurance. If you will be traveling outside of your home country for business or pleasure, it is essential to have Travel Medical Insurance. Likely, your existing health insurance plan will not cover you for travel abroad and if coverage does exist, it is probably quite minimal.

Since anyone is susceptible to accident or illness, the insurance is a worthwhile purchase.

Factors to Consider when investing in Travel Medical Insurance

Single or Multi-Trip Options

Short-term travel medical insurance is available as a single trip plan that covers a specific trip for a specified number of days or months.

If you travel more frequently, you may wish to consider a Multi-Trip Annual policy that would provide you with travel medical insurance for up to a year and a maximum number of days per trip. This can definitely be a more cost effective option for frequent travelers.

What do the Best Plans Include?

  • Freedom to choose the doctor or hospital you want
  • Maximum Limits from $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Universal pharmacy discounts
  • 24/7 access to emergency assistance medical hotline to speak with medical experts
  • Repatriation and emergency evacuation
  • Trip interruption, and more…

As you consider the insurance coverage that is most suitable to your travel plans and budget remember that you can ask your sales representative lots of questions. They can also give you information about extra add-ons that may be available, such as for extreme sports coverage.

You have worked hard for your vacation! Having the best insurance plan will help protect you so you can relax.