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If you are planning to study abroad at an international school or university you will be required by both your school and your host country to have adequate international student insurance when you are visiting. To make sure you have the right plan, provides a range of options which will meet or exceed most visa insurance requirements and most schools.

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US students abroad: Our Study Abroad Insurance Plans are for US Citizens studying abroad or enrolled directly at a foreign school.  In either case, make sure you have reviewed your insurance coverage options.  You may be able to save money and get additional benefits from buying a plan directly from one of our providers.  Make sure you review the package of benefits, exclusions and coverage amounts to insure you are getting what you need – at the right price.

International students: Our International Student Insurance Plans are available to anyone studying in a foreign country.  You may choose to purchase a policy on your own as an alternative to the plan the school offers.  In some cases, you can lower your costs while securing a better plan when you buy outside of the school plan.  This often makes more sense for older students, OPT participants, married students or students with families.

International Student Health Insurance Requirements

Most universities and colleges require their students to purchase international student health insurance for their enrollment period. These requirements can vary depending on your university or college, and can apply to any dependents traveling with you as well.

Although the requirements at your school can vary, you should make sure that your plan includes at least the following benefits:

  • Medical Coverage for Students

Universities, and typically the host country, require a minimum amount of medical coverage on your insurance plan. This dollar amount sets the minimum limit of eligible medical expenses that your insurance plan will pay (and often a maximum amount). Review the maximum and minimum coverage for the policy as well as for each benefit. (For more comprehensive long term international medical insurance, Compare Global Medical Insurance Plans.)

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Another important aspect of international student health insurance is emergency evacuation. This benefit covers your costs in the event that the local facilities in which you fall injured or ill do not have the capacity to give you proper care. If deemed necessary by the acting physician and your insurance company, this coverage will provide transportation to the nearest facility that can properly treat your condition. This type of coverage does not guarantee travel back to your home country in this situation unless deemed necessary by your attending physician.

  • Repatriation of Remains

Repatriation of Remains, or the Return of Mortal Remains, provides funds in the event of death while outside of your home country. In an unfortunate event like this, shipping your remains to your family back home can be expensive. This benefit will provide the proper planning, logistics, and financial coverage for your family members.

For group qoutes, see: Student Group Insurance Plans

Our recommended International Student Plans:
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Written by Joe Cronin. Follow our CEO @JoeCronin_