Advice for Buying Travel Insurance

How To Guide for buying travel insuranceHow to Buy Travel Insurance in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve planned your next dream vacation or your volunteer trip abroad, what’s next? Your first thought should be protection. You will want to get yourself and your fellow travelers covered for any unexpected accidents, injuries, or trip cancellations. Our advice: make sure you get the best possible coverage. To help, we have outlined how to buy travel insurance in 5 easy steps:

Purchase your Travel Insurance when you make your First Trip Deposit

Many travel coverage plans will only cover you for all of their options if you buy within a certain amount of days after first starting to pay for your trip. Therefore, purchasing travel insurance should be a part of your trip planning process. Don’t think of coverage as a “maybe” or “we’ll” see. As soon as you’ve booked your trip, your travel insurance quest should begin.

Compare Benefits and Exclusions

In the hunt for travel insurance, benefits refer to what is covered, while exclusions refer to what is not covered. These two areas are crucial to your coverage plan. Travel insurance companies should offer this information in detail and you should take the time to compare them. Often times you will notice one provider will exclude coverage for some benefits that are not excluded by others. It is important to thoroughly read the plan details.

Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Plan

We know that it is tempting when shopping for travel insurance to take the easy way out and just buy the cheapest coverage. This is something we don’t recommend! First of all, you may not be getting your money’s worth. Second, it is important that you have a high coverage limit on your medical expenses. The last thing you want is to break an arm and have the hospital stay and treatment exceed your coverage limit.

Compare your Options

Research and compare benefits and coverage available for the plan type you are interested in:

Get a Quote

You’ve done your research and compared plans, now it’s time to price the appropriate travel coverage. On our website we provide links to the applications for the products we offer by category. Click on a category to obtain more information and choose a plan. You can read more about the plan or simply click “get free quote” to start the application.

Review and Buy

Once you are set to buy, it is important to review your plan and make sure you take your travel destination into consideration. If you will be traveling abroad to a country that may be experiencing political unrest or natural disasters, these are crucial qualities to keep in mind when buying travel insurance. After you have completed these steps, purchase your travel coverage.

Now you are all set to embark on your next trip abroad with the protection of travel insurance.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be sure to stay safe. Is there something we missed? Do you have another question? Let us know in the comments below.