Benefits of International Emergency Evacuation Insurance

By Liisa Vexler

Medical Evacuation for your Next Trip Abroad
Evacuation Insurance

Frequent international travelers know the significance of making sure they are insured against trip delays and cancelation as well as lost luggage. They know that investing in a quality travel insurance plan means they will be financially compensated and fully assisted should something go wrong. They also understand that only international medical insurance provides complete comprehensive coverage against a medical emergency such as sudden illness, injury or accident. They realize that international health insurance will provide them with the coverage they need to get the quality medical treatment abroad they deserve.

However, even the most experienced international traveler may get confused as to the scope of international insurance they need and do not need.

International Emergency Evacuation Insurance – Do Travelers Need it?

Emergency travel medical evacuation plans are designed to fill in the gaps of other international medical insurance plans by providing coverage for emergency medical evacuation. It’s possible that evacuation is covered by an existing plan, but sometimes this coverage is minimal and you should always look into a more comprehensive plan when traveling abroad to ensure there are no surprises should a problem arise.

Why Do I Need Emergency Evacuation Coverage?

Emergency evacuation coverage is recommended by many national agencies, including The Center for Disease Control. They recommend this insurance coverage in case you find yourself in need of serious medical care in a resource-poor area and need to be evacuated to an area that has a qualified medical facility.

Investing in emergency evacuation coverage ensures travelers that should a medical issue arise they will not have to deal with language and currency barriers, nor will they have to worry that their insurance company will give them the run around, charge additional fees or not be available during the emergency.

What Does an Emergency Evacuation Plan Cover?

Coverage may differ depending on the insurance agency and plan, but typical coverage may include:

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Political Evacuation
  • Emergency Reunion
  • Return of Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Travel Assistance Services

In addition to the aforementioned coverage, you can add additional emergency coverage such as MedJet emergency evacuation plan that includes emergency evacuation to a hospital of choice regardless of medical necessity.

This insurance option often includes repatriation coverage, which allows the traveler to return to their home country to be treated in a familiar location. It also includes compassionate visits for immediate family, such as a parent, spouse, partner, sibling, or child to visit the traveler after an accident or illness and they have not been evacuated or repatriated.

Can you Purchase Emergency Evacuation Insurance for Groups?

Yes. International group health plans can cover five or more applicants with short term or long term coverage and is available for corporations or employers traveling with a group as well as missionaries, volunteers, Church organizations, and youth and student programs.

As with all insurance plans, it is important that you compare multiple plans before investing in one. Multiple quotes will allow you to select the insurance plan that is right for where you are traveling and provides the coverage you need i.e., medical emergency evacuation in the case of a medical emergency where no qualified medical facility exists. Consult your trusted international insurance agency and find the emergency evacuation insurance plan that works for you.