Liaison Majestic Insurance

Liaison Majestic insurance provides travel medical coverage outside your home country for 5 days to 12 months and is renewable up to 3 years.

Why Choose Liaison Majestic?

Seven Corners' Liaison Majestic InsuranceIf you are traveling outside of your home country, you need Liaison Majestic insurance from Seven Corners. Did you know that your health insurance at home does not always extend beyond the boarders of your home country? No matter where you go, Liaison Majestic is there to help with medical coverage, an expansive network of providers, and 24/7/365 travel assistance. Ensure you receive the same level of healthcare overseas that you have at home, and let Seven Corners take the worry out of your travel!

Why Should You Buy Liaison Majestic?

You can feel confident with Liaison Majestic’s strong financial backing through Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London an established organization with an AM Best rating of A (Excellent). Your coverage will be there when you need it.

As your plan administrator, Seven Corners will handle all of your insurance needs from start to finish. They will process your purchase, provide all documents, and handle any claims. In addition, their own 24/7 in-house travel assistance team, Seven Corners Assist, will handle your emergency or travel needs. They have 20 years of experience with travel insurance, and they are here to help.

Who Can Buy Liaison Majestic Insurance?

You may buy coverage for yourself, your legal spouse, domestic partner, or civil partner and your unmarried dependent children over 14 days old and under 19 years. All applicants must be traveling outside of their home country.

Liaison Majestic Daily Rates

Rates below a based on a $250 Deductible and effective from April 5, 2016. You can generate a quick quote to calculate your total trip cost.

Traveling in the United States

If the applicant is traveling to, temporarily residing in, or visiting the United States, please use these rates.

Liaison Majestic pricing for travel to U.S.

Traveling Outside the United States

If the applicant is traveling outside the United States, use these rates. This includes U.S. citizens traveling overseas as well as persons traveling between countries i.e., a Brazilian traveling to Spain.

Liaison Majestic premiums for travel outside U.S.

†Dependent Child rate is applicable when at least one parent will also be covered under Liaison® Majestic.
††Child Alone rate is used when a Child will be insured by themselves. *Ages 80+ limited to $20,000.
Rates provided above are based on a $250 Deductible and include a 2.0% Trust Fee.

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