Cigna Global Medical FAQs

Cigna Global Medical—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Cigna Global Medical plan. If your question is not answered below then you might find the answer in the PDF brochure. You can always contact us as well with your questions.

When can I apply for Cigna Global health insurance?

You may apply as early as 45 days before your requested start date. If you apply earlier than that date or your start date gets delayed, you might be required to provide updated medical information from your healthcare provider and a statement of health indicating there have been no new medical conditions since the time of your initial application.

How much does Cigna Global Health plan cost?

One great feature about the Cigna Global Medical Plan is that you can adjust the plan structure to keep costs low or add features and benefits with an additional premium. To determine how much a plan will cost you and your family, you can read our Cigna Global Medical premiums page, or click here for a free quote.

How do I get treatment?

When you need treatment, the Cigna Customer Care Team will help you arrange your treatment plan, and point you in the right direction, saving you the time and hassle of looking for a hospital, clinic or medical practitioner yourself. They appreciate that there will be times when it will not be practical or possible for a beneficiary to contact them for prior approval. In circumstances like these, they ask that you or the affected beneficiary get in touch with them 48 hours after treatment has been sought, so that they can confirm whether treatment is covered and arrange settlement with your provider.

How do I find my nearest hospital, clinic or doctor?

Log into the online Customer Area and you can search their directory of hospitals, clinics and doctors. Simply type in your zip code, specify the distance you are willing to travel and it will list the medical experts within your area. Alternatively, call the Customer Care Team. Please remember to take your Cigna ID card with you when you go for treatment and ask your hospital, medical practitioner or clinic about direct billing if this has not already been confirmed. Where possible, they will arrange to pay the hospital, clinic or doctor you wish to see directly.

How can I contact Cigna if I want to discuss my treatment plan?

If you need to speak to Cigna about your treatment plan, contact their Customer Care Team who can direct your call to a Cigna healthcare professional:

Cigna International Phone Numbers

  • For Sales and New Policies, Call:
    • US Toll-free: 1-877-758-4881
    • International: U.S. 1-617-500-6738
  • For Customer Service, Call:
    • Toll-free from the U.S. 1 800 835 7677.
    • Telephone: UK +44 (0) 1475 788182 or
  • Fax: +44 (0) 1475 492113

Do I need to pay for treatment upfront?

Where possible Cigna will arrange to pay your hospital, clinic or doctor directly. However, if you have chosen a deductible, you must pay this amount yourself.

What do I need to know before making a claim?

You must call Cigna before getting treatment. They can help you find the most appropriate hospital, clinic or doctor near you and arrange to pay them directly—saving you the cost and hassle of paying for it yourself and claiming back from Cigna later. They will, of course, cover the cost of your GP or initial specialist consultation, along with any prescribed medication without prior approval having been obtained, providing the treatment is covered by your plan. In most cases, your hospital, clinic or doctor will invoice Cigna directly. However, sometimes they may give you the invoice after treatment. If this happens, simply send the invoice with a claim form to Cigna and they’ll pay them. If you’ve chosen to apply any deductibles to your plan, you’ll need to pay this amount to your hospital, clinic or doctor yourself. If for any reason, such as an emergency, you can’t call Cigna before getting treatment, you’ll need to pay for your treatment yourself and send your invoice and claim form to Cigna. They’ll reimburse you, less any deductibles, usually within five days of receipt.

How do I download a Cigna Global claim form?

You’ll find full details on how to get treatment, how to make a claim and copies of claims forms in your welcome pack. You can also download additional claims forms here: Medical and vision claim formDental claim form

How can I get reimbursed for my claim?

If you’ve paid for your treatment yourself, simply complete a claim form and post, email or fax it to Cigna with your invoice. If you email or fax it to us, make sure you keep the original in case they need to see it later.

What currency will my claim be reimbursed in, and how long will it take?

We aim to reimburse you within five working days of receiving your fully completed paperwork, and can pay you in the currency of your choice (you can choose to be reimbursed in more than 135 currencies).

How do deductibles work?

When you create your tailored plan, you have the option of adding deductibles. If, for example, you choose a deductible of $250, you’ll need to pay the first $250 of a covered claim or covered claims in any period of cover directly to your hospital, clinic or doctor at the time of treatment. So if your treatment costs are $500, you’ll need to pay $250, and they’ll pay the remaining $250 of covered costs. If a deductible is chosen, you would only have to pay this once during any period of cover regardless of the number of claims. Also Read: Deductibles and Copays in International Plans

What is cost share and out of pocket maximum?

Cost share is the percentage of every claim you will pay. Out of pocket maximum is the maximum amount you would have to pay in cost share per policy year. Read more on Deductibles and Out of Pocket Maximums

An Example :

  • You have a claim value of $20,000
  • You have a $500 deductible on your policy
  • You have a 20% cost share with a $2,000 out of pocket maximum

We would pay $17,500

How this is calculated–After you paid your deductible of $500, your cost share is 20% of $19,500 ($3,900). This is more than your out of pocket maximum, so you would only pay $2,000 out of pocket maximum for the cost share (and the $500 deductible you paid at the outset) and they cover the remaining $17,500.

Will pre-existing conditions be covered by my plan?

If you’ve sought advice or experienced symptoms before the start date of your plan—whether you have been diagnosed or not—they may decide to add special exclusions to your plan. So it’s important that you complete the medical questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying.

Am I covered for dental treatment?

Cigna Global Health Benefits provides cover for core benefits, such as emergency dental cover in the event of an accident that requires you to have treatment in a hospital. If you want more cover, choose their International Vision and Dental option and enjoy access to a wide variety of preventative, routine, major and orthodontic treatments.

Am I covered for inpatient treatment?

Yes you are. Inpatient treatment is included as standard within their core International Medical Insurance. It covers you for treatment received as an inpatient when staying overnight in hospital, or when receiving treatment at hospital as a daypatient.

Am I covered for outpatient treatment?

International Medical Insurance covers you for selected outpatient costs such as treatment room fees, surgeon and anesthetic costs, advanced imaging, cancer and psychiatric care. If you want more comprehensive outpatient cover, add the optional International Outpatient to your plan.

Is birth control Covered?

No—birth control is not a covered benefit. However, if after you have applied for the plan your doctor prescribes a form of birth control for medical reasons, an exception may be made.

Does my membership card provide guarantee of cover?

No, it doesn’t. Your membership card is purely a means of identifying you and has no payment capabilities. When you need treatment, call their Treatment Approval Team on +44 (0) 1475 788182 or toll-free from the U.S. on 1 800 835 7677.. They’ll arrange to pay your hospital, clinic or doctor directly wherever possible.

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