International Health Plans

If you plan to live or reside abroad for an extended length of time, you will want to make sure you invest in a high quality international health insurance plan for when you are abroad, outside of your home country in case something happens and you need to seek medical treatment. For most countries around the world, it may also be a requirement of your visa (if you need one) to show proof of adequate international health insurance coverage.

Our recommended International Medical Plans:
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Global Medical Plan Benefits

International Health Insurance or Global Medical Plans offer comprehensive coverage for those living outside of their home country for a year or longer.  The best plans offer:

  • Freedom to choose any hospital, clinic or doctor
  • 24 Hour Emergency Medical Helpline
  • In most cases, Home Country coverage is included
  • Choice of GBP, Euro and USD currencies for payment

International Health Insurance eligibility and premiums are based on a policyholders age, current medical history and area of coverage (typically not on an individual’s claims history). Plans will normally offer two areas of cover; Worldwide or Worldwide excluding the USA. The reason for this is that medical care in the USA is the most expensive in the world.  In general, most international insurance providers (IMG, GeoBlue and BUPA, and for example) will rank countries by medical costs and have premiums adjusted accordingly.

International Insurance Plan Exclusions

All plans, domestic or international, will provide a list of exclusions for specific risks that they can not insure, including:

  • Acts of War.
  • Hostilities, Military Actions, Terrorist Acts, and Other Civil Commotions, whether war has been declared or not.
  • Nuclear Explosions and resulting nuclear fallout.

Many providers have their own specific exclusions in addition to those above. These additional exclusions can be broad or narrow depending on the type of policy or the company that has issued the insurance.  Be sure to  review a plans exclusions as specified in the policy schedule.


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