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Blue Cross Xplorer International InsuranceHealth Insurance from GeoBlue

International health insurance that covers you inside and outside the U.S.

The GeoBlue Xplorer health plan is a great plan for US citizens who travel to or from the United States for extended periods of business, leisure and study. If you leave home for six months or more, your health and financial security are at serious risk because of significant gaps in most available insurance coverage and services. This risk is only heightened by limited knowledge of health and safety hazards around the world, including medical treatment from unfamiliar providers.

GeoBlue Xplorer is one of the best international health plans because it combines comprehensive worldwide benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services, which include an impressive array of online and mobile tools used to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world.

GeoBlue Xplorer gives you the freedom to access care inside and outside the U.S.  If you need benefits outside the U.S. only, explore the GeoBlue Xplorer Essential plan.

GeoBlue and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, A Leader at Home and Abroad

GeoBlue is a recognized leader in international health insurance and medical assistance services, serving hundreds of thousands of world travelers annually. GeoBlue is also admitted and licensed in the US!

Highest Standards of Service

GeoBlue meets the highest expectations of quality. For medical care outside the U.S., members are free to see any provider and their benefits will remain the same.

Some of the GeoBlue Xplorer Plan Highlights Include:

  • GeoBlue does not require you pay the deductible for common services such as office visits (general practitioner and/or specialists), preventative care (routine physical, vaccines), and outpatient prescriptions.
  • Unlimited medical maximum.  The most comprehensive benefits in the industry.
  • No waiting periods associated with most benefits or services including preventive care.
  • If you had primary US health insurance during the 6 months prior to your plan start date, we completely waive the 6 month pre-existing condition waiting period.
  • Access to our elite doctors and notable hospitals can lead to better diagnosis, treatment and medical outcomes.
  • Access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network when you are inside the US, which is the largest network in the US and about 93% of all US doctors and hospitals participate (Premier plan only).
  • You can cancel any month you choose with no cancellation fee
  • No extreme sports exclusions
  • GeoBlue Xplorer is underwritten by 4 Ever Life International which is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

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